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GROUNDZero Is Out! Get That! SPRING 2006!!!

The long awaited return of the spiritual lyrical dynamic duo is over.  WEE'RRE BAAACK!  We took time to rest, get married, have babies, start businesses, study, pray and get focused.  Now with the Lord leading us The GROUNDZero Project is ready for the world.  Thirteen tracks to let you know that we are not playing.  We represent God in every song.  We aren't afraid to boast in the Lord and thank Him for blessing us with skills to rip the mic, demolish emcees, and destroy demons to rebuild from GROUNDZero! 

Boanerges News & Updates

Boanerges will soon be posted on Soundclick.com and CDBaby.com to purchase the download and order the new release GROUNDZero as well as The Rider MixTape Series. 


Stay tuned for News & Updates on upcoming Boanerges events.

Stay tuned in to us here at the home of Boanerges baby.

Specialist and Blue Chip thank you for stopping by.  Don't let it be the last time or we gonna find you!  We gonna make you feel us.  So holla back and be blessed!  Jesus is the reason we emceein'! 

Keep looking towards the sky for the return of Jesus Christ!

Preaching and Prayer Requests

Spec and Chip are not just rappers but licensed ministers of the gospel.  We "specialize" in delivering the Word of the Lord without  sugar coating messages or watering down truth.  The real uncut and raw truth of the saving message of Jesus Christ and Him crucified, is at the heart of every word spoken by these two end time evangelists.  We are available to speak to your congregation seperately or together.  Just send us an E-Mail and let us know when you need us!  OR if you have a prayer request E-mail us and we will touch and agree with you for what you are believing God for.  Unless you trippin'!  Then we'll E-mail you back and clown you in love with the Word of God.  Don't get it twisted.

Boanerges Behind the Scenes

Specialist has been featured on EBE Crew leading member's TradeMark "Tricks of the Trade" solo project. Rhyming and ripping the hook on "Silent No More" and blazing the hook on "Ready to Shine"

Keep your eyes peeled for Blue Chip on the The Trinity Project "The Father The Son and Hip-Hop" featuring Kurtis Blow, Chris Flow and Ricky B.  Rhyming and singing on "Chose One" and singing background vocals on "Save Me". 

Blue Chip is also working on his solo project "The Pink Whale".  Look for it Spring 2007!

Specialist is also working on his solo project "Regeneration and Reformation"  Look for it early 2007!